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KTB Main Page Attack Page?
Anyone else getting a weird attack page message when they try to go to the main kill the band page? It's been happening for the better part of probably 2 weeks now.

It works for me occasionally and when I'm at home I don't have a problem with it because I come straight to the board and bypass the main page, but at work I go through it. Sometimes it'll work, but I don't know what's up with this.

Has the site been hacked?
yup, same problem here, so glad it's not my computer being all buggy. and even MORE glad that john can host, hope you get hooked up with the necessary info (i think formica is your contact, and she has her hands full of cuteness right now).

yeah, lots of really cool music more to come from ours land, heh. can't wait!
There was a post a couple or so weeks ago. KTB hosting (or whatever) has expired, I believe as of the 1st.
Jade kindly worked out renewing the domain. Yay jade! Everyone thanks you. Smile

Anyone who knows webdesign, html, how to upload via ftp and wants to help keep the site updated (create a picture page too), send me a pm & I'll set it up.

I do indeed have my hands full. I under estimated the lack of time. Sad
You're very welcome! It's my pleasure, believe me. It would have been a real shame to lose this domain name.

I think that the first thing I want to work on for the site is to upload some recordings of past shows. Perhaps upload some of the radio mixes and promotional CDs that aren't already on the site.

I'd also like to compile all of the links to interviews that SarahBeth and others have painstakingly listed on this board.

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